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In treating couples, as well as in her own marriage, Danika uses theories and concepts suggested by Gottman Couples Therapy: A Reseach-Based Approach 
by John Gottman, Ph.D. & Julie Schwartz Gottman, Ph.D. from the Gottman Institute

Danika has completed Level 1 & 2 Gottman training in assessment, intervention & co-morbidities and is able to integrate powerful, research-based Gottman method techniques into treating couples. Gottman therapy focuses on:


  • Negative interaction pattern to make conflict discussions more functional, constructive, and regulated
  • Emotional repair and building safety, love, intimacy, friendship, and postive affect
  • Changing behavioral interaction patterns
  • Cognitively based on what each member thinks and feels 'underneath the surface' about the relationship
  • Stories the partners tell themselves about their history and purposes of their struggles
  • Interaction patterns that describe the relationship as a system
  • Roles that the primary family and other past relationships play into the relationship, especially within the present conflict 

Watch more Gottman research based techniques on Gottman YouTube




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